Buon Anno & Happy New Year!

Dec 30 2010

Buon Anno & Happy New Year!

TCF Italian Journeys is wishing our friends, followers and fellow Tuscany-lovers a very happy New Year full of health, happiness and good fortune.


When it comes to the fated New Year celebration the Italians commemorate the holiday much like we do here in America. Sure, we drink champagne and they drink prosecco but the bottom line is that fireworks and block parties seem to be the universal language for “Happy New Year!”

Although the Italians do have a few unique New Year traditions…



I have heard of people opening their doors and windows at midnight as a way of letting the old year out and the New Year in, but the Italians take it to an entirely new level. They actually go so far as to throw their belongings from their windows, literally shedding the old to prepare for the new. It is not uncommon to hear stories of passerby’s having close calls with common household items raining from the sky.

If you are so lucky to ring in 2011 in Italy, my advice to you is to “look out and look up!”



The common New Years Eve dress is usually something gold, sparkly and festive. However in Italy, it’s what you’re wearing underneath all those sequins that matter.  A unique Italian New Years tradition is to wear red underwear. It is believed to bring good luck in the New Year!



A far less dangerous and “risqué” Italian New Years tradition is a family game called Tombola. It is much like Bingo; the only difference is that only the horizontal plays count. Perfect for a quite New Years Eve celebration at home with the family. After all, family is what the Italians do best – besides wine of course


And remember, if your New Years resolution is to travel to Tuscany, TCF Italian Journeys has got you covered! We are excited to share new and exciting trip itineraries with you in the New Year.


Ciao for now!