Reasons Why to Have a Destination Wedding

Jul 15 2015

Reasons Why to Have a Destination Wedding

When planning a wedding almost every couple entertains the idea of having a destination wedding. After all, who doesn’t want their wedding to stand out from the rest? Out of 2 million wed American couples only 25% have destination weddings. Here are some reasons why to have a destination wedding.


Less Stressful Having a destination wedding is almost guaranteed to be easier and less stressful. A wedding planner will ultimately be handling the stressful side of the planning. The couple’s role would generally consist of approve certain ideas and looks. The wedding planner will provide a reputable list of names/companies to choose from, instead of risking using non-reputable companies.


Save on Décor With having a destination wedding with the beauty of the country, as your backdrop become becomes most of the décor. The natural backdrop will supply the theme of the wedding, so less decor is needed to be staged. Most likely all that will be needed is some floral and a few other modest accents.


Quality Time with Family During a traditional wedding, there is about a 5 hour time period to thank and talk to guests. A destination wedding is usually held over a 3-day span, encompassing the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and reception, and celebration of the families coming together. This allows quality time to be spent making memories with family and friends.


Limit Attendees Having a destination wedding requires traveling with commitment to airfare and hotels. This being a requirement allows the guest count to automatically be lowered without being offensive. It also allows the wedding to be more intimate with close family and friends. There can always be a small after party once returning home for family and friends that wanted to be involved.


Early Honeymoon Start the honeymoon early with a destination wedding. Once arriving there will be a sense of ease and relaxation as the pre-wedding festivities begin. Couples are also able to have a longer honeymoon instead of waiting till after the wedding festivities are over.