What separates you from other Tuscan wedding planners?

We have developed strong partnerships with each of our Italy based vendors, sharing the same vision, standard, and utmost quality of work. We have hand selected a team of talented artists to create a timeless Tuscan wedding customized to the bride and groom’s personality, tastes, needs and desires.

The one-on-one client relationship is what sets this company apart from corporate wedding planners.

We focus on quality, not quantity.

What type of weddings/blessings can be accommodated?

  • Religious Blessing
  • Symbolic Blessing (Non-Religious/Not Legally Binding)
  • Same Sex Ceremonies

Is the legal wedding ceremony in Italy recognized in the rest of the world?

Yes. You will be supplied with duplicate copies of the legal wedding certificate, which you will register your wedding with your local City Hall / County register office once returning home.

What documents do I need to get married in a Catholic church in Italy?

  • Parish Permission
  • Pre Cana
  • Bishop Permission
  • Prenuptial Inquiry Form
  • Certificates- All certificates of baptism, first communion, and confirmation

What if mixed religions want to get married in a Catholic Church in Italy?

A “Permission of Mixed Religions” document will need to be completed to testify that the Catholic Church can perform your wedding. The local Bishop of your country generally issues this document.

What are the best months to get married in Tuscany?

The best months to get married are May – June and September – October